Goals for Advanced Ballet


Istanbul Symphony

Choreography by

                 Caroline Gaujour

                                                                          June 2013



Ms.Caroline's Recommend Link: safodance.org

Email: mscaroline@sanbenitodanceacademy.com



    Caroline was featured in his production of "Cinderella" as  the Summer Fairy in 2011 and 6 ballet and modern pieces between 2009- 2012. She also worked with an emerging dance company, Safos Dance Company, and performed with them in March 2012 in "Silent Stories."

    This is her first contribution to the Nutcracker, and she loved to choreograph the Waltz of the Flowers for all ages!

      She is a mother of two little girls and she loves to sing and painting (especially portraying children).  Ms. Caroline enjoys new challenges, to create art pieces,choreographing  and teaching ballet. She hopes to transmit her passion for dancing and learning to her students and give them confidence and enjoyment of their dancing.

 Ms.Caroline began her dance training at the age of 5 in France.  She studied ballet and modern dance for ten years at "Atelier Danse" near Paris. When she was older, she continued her training in the South of France (University of Montpellier).

After spending three years in Mexico and she moved to Tuscon, Arizona and studied with the "Arizona Ballet Theater." Her ballet instruction was under the direction of Miss Cecily Bessel (former Boston Ballet member) and  Teacher and Choreographer Mr. Norman Walker.  

Caroline Gaujour

Advanced Ballet  Guest Instructor