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What are all these dance styles?

Ballet: the classical core of other dance types... technique, control, core support, turn out, flexibility, timing, classroom decorum, and more!

Jazz: stylistically influenced by popular culture, rhythmic, tricks and flexibility, and strengthening technique

Broadway Jazz: a more simplified, reduced Jazz-style dance class that is stage/actor-friendly, to gain experience by learning fun choreography to popular musical tunes, learn stage directions and performance technique, and still a great cardio workout!

Lyrical: contemporary dance expressing movement to music 

Modern: expressive, theatrical, and contemporary dance form comprised of oftentimes abstract movement, based on technical and stylistic choreography 

Tumbling: intro to acrobatics with exploratory movement, emphasizing control, and increasing bodily awareness and flexibility

Acro Fusion: acrobatic tricks, flexibility, and stylistic flair all compacted into exciting dance form!

Tap: rhythmic steps learned in patterns and sequence, primarily focusing on footwork

Yoga: our studio happily offers a yoga class once a week that is free to all SBDA families!

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Prerequisite Chart

Tuition Rates

Ballet 2 & under- once a week (may take more if you choose)

Ballet 3- twice a week suggested

Ballet 4- twice a week required

Ballet 5- three times a week required

Ballet 6- three times a week required

Ballet 7- three times a week required

Ballet Level Class Attendance Requirements


Petite & Ballet 1:

Leotard and tights, 
proper ballet shoes
and nothing bulky or loose

Ballet 2 - Ballet 7:

Black leotard,
pink tights,
and ballet shoes

*Saturday classes "Nuances de Samedi"

any colorof leotard & tights

For all ballet levels:

- Hair must be a in a tight ballet bun
(secure/hairspray, no fly-aways)
- Tights should be clean and without holes
- Ballet shoes laces should be tucked in/hidden
- No skirts (unless helping),
but skin-tight black jazz shorts are acceptable

For Jazz, Lyrical, & Modern:

- Leotard or Form-Fitting exercise shirt

- Jazz shorts or pants (leggings)- skin tight

- Jazz shoes, Footundeez, lyrical sandals, etc. 

- Hair pulled back and secured out of face

- Acro: barefoot or Footundeez, as comfortable

For Tap:

- Appropriate outfits that won't get in the way

- Tap Shoes

Shoes, leotards, tights, and outfit accessories sold at SBDA studio. 

For Male Dancers:

- Black or white tights or leggings (may wear black spandex-shorts over leggings)  

- White shirt (form-fitting; tee or tank)

- Black or white ballet shoes

- Hair out of face (gel to slick back, if necessary)

Dancer Incentive

If an individual dancer takes 

7 hours of dance,
​then all additional classes are free.

        Pay Tuition


Pay per month or subscribe for auto-deduction


Class Schedule

Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Contemporary Styles

Ages 3 - Adult

In Your Dance Bag:
- Water bottle
- Healthy snacks
​- Dance shoes
- Sweats, shorts/skirt, warm up clothing, etc.
- Notebook, writing utensil
- Hair/Bun kit (brush/comb, hair pins, hair ties, hair net, etc.)
- Towel (floor work, sweat, etc.)
- First Aid kit (basics for needs: bandaids, etc.)

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