What are the Mommy & Me Workout options?

For Mommies with Immobile Babies:
... more of a workout for Mommy! A fun and strengthening workout that will help moms burn calories and sweat, (re)developing and (re)toning muscles… all while spending quality time with your baby (or a friend’s or sister’s… see if you can borrow a baby or toddler and come with a mom-friend!). The possibilities are endless: lifts, squats, lunges, downward dog and other held-poses that interact with your child, or use the child’s body weight for added benefit in the exercise! Jam out with your kiddo, and get pumped while working out, without having to find a sitter or put the baby down for a nap!

For Mommies with Mobile Toddlers/Children (walking, crawling):
... guided activities and exercises lead exploration and body awareness through play with Mommy & friends! Learn body awareness, work on developing eye-hand coordination, receive lessons in taking instructions & following rules and guidelines, and work on teamwork and playing nicely with others in various instructor-led exercises and guided stations: ball pool, slides and tunnels, basketball, flying airplanes, parachute, imaginative play exercises (butterflies, beaches, and more!), obstacle courses, and more... learning to follow elementary dance-studio etiquette and rules.

*Let us know if you need childcare for older kids while you are in this class.

Is there a Dress Code?
(Generally, it's just "exercise-appropriate, modest, and comfortable.)


Clothing: comfortable and flexible exercise clothing that you can move around in with your child, as well as perform simple exercise movements.

Footwear: athletic shoes, in case we do any 'cardio' or 'strengthening & conditioning' exercises. But ultimately, socks are fine for most of the activities, if you aren't slipping around.

Babies- onesies are totally appropriate! ;) 

For moms to be able to complete the workout, make sure you have a baby-carrying harness: a wrap, a front-or back-pack or apparatus of your choosing. Whatever is comfortable for you to wear and securely contain your baby while you participate in workout-exercises: squats, lunges, small jumps. You will be instructed to remove your baby from the carrying-device in order to perform other interactive exercises with your baby: lifting, curling, planking, etc.

Toddlers- (Dance wear not necessary, but highly encouraged, because let's be honest, ballet is ALL about the outfit at this age! And photo-ops abound with our studio's picturesque walls and backdrops.)

Clothing: Also for the kiddos, make sure they're dressed in comfortable and flexible exercise clothing that can be moved around in (standing, crawling, active movements!).

Footwear: Bare feet or ballet shoes are fine, but socks might be too slippery for tots.

1. Registration:

Make sure you are reg
istered in our online 'Jackrabbit system.' Visit our registration page of the website for more details and to do so. If you already have a dancer registered in the system, you can log into your family's account via the Portal and add yourself as a "student/dancer," and we'll enroll you in the class(es) you desire!

2. Attire:
In our
studio store, which is onsite, we sell all the essential merchandise and accessories moms might want to dress their toddlers in: leotard, tights, ballet shoes, bun & hair accessories, sweaters, skirts, dance bags, etc.
We highly recommend coming in early to the studio to be fitted and get set up with the essentials, as opposed to shopping online, or at big-box stores.
The clothing and shoes there are not always dance-quality (specifically the tights and shoes). At our studio location with specialized dance wear, we can fit moms & children for dance apparel and footwear (you can try anything on in our dressing room, and you'll receive personal assistance in fitting).
We also have an
online storefront, where you can find items that are fun for kids and moms- customized and options available to have personalized.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or give us a call/text: (831) 630-0188. You can also find us on social media (see contact info below).

Our studio store has limited staffing hours during the weekdays, so make
sure you come in and catch us while someone is at the desk:

Store Hours at the studio:
M - F 3:00 - 6:00pm
Saturdays 8:30am - 12:00pm

Studio Hours:
(when we are open for regularly-scheduled classes,
but the front desk and store may not have someone available to help you)
M - F 3:00pm - 8:30pm
Saturdays 8:30am - 2:00pm

Additional morning hours, open for classes:
Wednesdays 8:30 - 10:00am


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We offer two different types of Mommy & Me classes

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1. For moms with immobile babies

2. For moms with mobile toddlers


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Want to have some exercise time but prefer not to get a babysitter? Exercise with your baby or tot! 

Get a little workout in for yourself, and also teach your toddler some basics: body awareness, coordination & motor skills, how to follow instructions, behave in a group-setting, and give him/her an introduction to the dance studio environment: what are some of the basic rules & etiquette? Find out more...