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​​​Performance showings and explanation of A-B-C-D Casts:
There are four different casts (A, B, C, D):
A-Cast: the Saturday (12/17/22) 1pm show

B-Cast: the Saturday (12/17/22) 6pm show
C-Cast: the Sunday (12/18/22) 1pm show
D-Cast: the Sunday (12/18/22) 6pm show

Some dancers have parts that are in all four casts; some are in just two of the casts (AD or BC).
Contact your dancer to know which cast he/she appears in, to ensure you make reservations to attend the appropriate show!

Showing/Ticketing/Viewing Options:

When you follow the link above to ticketing, you will be presented with three options for each Cast (A/B/C/D):

1. In-Person show: live performances at Sherwood Hall in Salinas. *Present ticket from a mobile device or print*

​Note that the "Family Pack" Discount is only available through Dec. 10! 

Family Pack Savings- add to your cart: 2 General tickets + 2 Child/Senior tickets of the same show time to save. Use code: "FAMPACK" at checkout to redeem the discount.

2. Video on Demand: the option to stream-view the particular show as many times as you want 12/24-1/8 (must be from the same IP address)

3. Digital Download: after Jan. 9 through Feb. 11, the link from your order-confirmation email can be followed to download the video file to a device of your choice; make sure you have space for a large file, around 3-5gb/show. Online ordering is only available through Feb. 11th, 2023. After that date, order directly through the studio-office by submitting  this form  with payment.

The DVD keepsake-video options are available as a merchandise add-on to any of these purchases.


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Explanation/Story behind this year's Nutcracker Production:
San Benito Dance Academy has presented its traditional production of The Nutcracker going on 15 years. The challenges that 2020-21 brought us have made things tricky the past few seasons, but we believed that with hard work and community efforts, we deserve to experience this tradition once again in a traditional theater setting--back on the big stage at Sherwood Hall--and to make the magic happen once again!

Come join us in celebrating the joy of the Nutcracker and all the talents and hard work of our dancers, choreographers, and staff members at San Benito Dance Academy.

When purchasing tickets for the shows (tickets are for unassigned, first-come seating in the theater), don't forget to order keepsake copies of the show as well (offered in DVD and digital-download formats, as well as a Video-On-Demand option to stream it for the time period of the holiday break!).

Ticketing Sales open Nov. 1st, 2022. ​Options & show times are detailed below:

Purchasing tickets on behalf of others & forwarding tickets:

With tickets being all online, the person who purchases the tickets has access to all of them delivered digitally via that email confirmation.

If you purchase on behalf of others, there is a way in this system for you to assign the tickets and forward/share

with other individuals in your party, so that there is no confusion at the door with having shared tickets. 

Merchandise & Concessions, including flowers and grams, are available for purchase before, during intermission, and after shows.