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2021 "Recital Showcase Season"

~The Explanation, continually pivoting with our times!~ 

It may be a bit delayed this year due to our circumstances, but we are still forging ahead with the planning for recital season. Due to extenuating circumstances we continue to find ourselves in this year, we have to format our recital season preparations and processes/systems a bit differently than in the past. Thank you for understanding we are doing what’s best for our community during these times, and trusting we are still committed to providing quality dance education and presenting a way for our dancers to celebrate their successes and talents through means of some sort of a recital-showcase this year! And don’t worry! We will guide you through every step of the way.

So, what is the plan and intended format for recital season this year?

Everybody should know that as our recital season unfolds this year, again unlike any season before and in accommodation of our times and the circumstances with which we are confronted, we will give you info as things develop! One step at a time!

General Overview/Intended Format of the Season
Here is a general overview of an intended format for this recital season (knowing that all things are pending inevitable change in circumstances, to which we will be flexible and accommodating):
 * Costume Measurements & assessing costume inventory - Feb. 15-20 DONE
 * Ordering Costumes DONE! (over 450 costumes ordered!)
 * Costume Payments - starting March 1
 * Recital Participation Forms/Commitment - collecting, w/ Costume Payments & March tuition!
 * Recital Dance Choreography begins in classes - March!
 * Class & Individual Photos - date/times TBA
 * Film Live performance of each class dance (outdoor stage) - June 19
 * Present viewings of edited recital show (hopefully at a drive-in) - weekend of June 25-26

Know that we will be providing periodic updates and check-in emails along the way, informing our dance families of each step of this recital season. Stay tuned for emails and messages in yourFamily Portalregarding developments during Recital Season!

Reference THIS UPDATE about our communication methods, and how you can reference important tools, resources, & any communications (season updates/emails, etc.).

Thanks for your attention and desire to stay in the loop! There is a lot in store during this exciting season! Stay tuned as more details are forthcoming.

~Ms. Lara and the SBDA Admin Team

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Volunteering in a designated capacity is more important than ever before (if you've been with an SBDA member for a while,
​you know it's only the way we can successfully put on a recital season, especially during these times), and support our dancers!

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2021 Theme:

"We Believe in... Imagination"

Plan to Film Live (Outdoor) Performance: June 19;
Drive-In Viewings of Edited Show: last weekend of June 2021

An online sign up group page will be set up to host our
Volunteer Sign Ups in four different categories for SBDA's 2021 Recital Season:

1) In-Studio Classes & Prep: there are a multitude of time-specific jobs--from setting up, staffing stations, check in, costuming, etc.

2) Projects & Donations: times to work on these projects may be flexible; due dates/deadlines may apply for certain specific jobs. See individual tasks for details.

3) Filming Show-Day (June 19): there are a multitude of time-specific jobs that range from setting up, staffing stations, checking dancers in, escorting them down the red carpet, cleaning studio spaces between filming groups, and selling merchandise.

4) Drive-In Viewings (June 25-26): time-specific jobs that range from setting up, staffing merchandise & concessions, ticket-taking, directing traffic/parking attendants, and clean up!

You may sign up for more than one job/time slot!

Thank you in advance for your contribution to our SBDA community and helping to make this season successful for all dancers!

SBDA  Recital "Showcase" Season

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Guidelines and resources will be forthcoming, according to age/level/class