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An online sign up group page has been set up to host our
Volunteer Sign Ups in three different categories for SBDA's Showcase Season:

1) In-Studio Classes (June 12-18): there are a multitude of time-specific jobs--from setting up, staffing stations, checking dancers in, or chaperoning classes.

2) Projects & Donations: times to work on these projects may be flexible; see individual tasks for details. Due dates/deadlines may apply for certain specific jobs.

3) In-Studio Classes & Filming Days (June 19-27): there are a multitude of time-specific jobs that range from setting up, staffing stations, checking dancers in, escorting them down the red carpet, cleaning studio spaces between filming groups, and selling merchandise.

You may sign up for more than one job/time slot!
Consult the schedules for Costume Fittings and Filming days/times to know when might be most convenient to volunteer (possibly for a time during your dancer's designated time slots?!).

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2020 Theme:

"We Believe in... THE FUTURE"

In-studio Filming: June 19-25;
Broadcast Date: last weekend of June 2020

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2020 "Showcase Season" (in lieu of recital)...

~In-Studio Class/Rehearsals, Filming, and Volunteering in Detail!~
Here are details you NEED TO KNOW to participate in our Showcase (in lieu of recital this year, due to present circumstances).

We have always firmly believed and had plans to still do a recital, in some way/shape/form. Dancers and instructors deserve a way to show off and share all the work they've still been putting in during these times, especially! But things will be different this year. The plan in lieu of recital is to film the dances of each class style/level and have a digital watch party of the show for dancers and friends/families at the end of June!

I want to keep you all updated on the timeline and details as they have to change for our 2020 Showcase Season. As you well-know, we find ourselves in ever-changing circumstances due to so much regulation around the COVID-19 situation. We have re-evaluated our present needs and reformatted scheduling for the weeks ahead in order to be able to successfully put on a Showcase experience for our dancers. I thank you for your flexibility, time, and understanding that we are doing everything we can to be able to fulfill services as well as to give our dancers the opportunity to successfully carry out something to be proud of, and for us to return to our beloved studio space!

If you have questions, please direct them to your instructor or an administrative assistant, in order to allow me time to work on administrating the details that need to be in place, filming, and video-editing, in order to carry out this showcase season! Thank you!

-Ms. Lara, SBDA Director

There were important details & updated dates that went out in an email (Tues. 6/9) to SBDA members:
At a Glance...
▪ June 8-11: Zoom classes (as regularly-scheduled) continue
▪ June 12-18: adjusted (in-studio) class times/rehearsal scheduling
▪ June 19-27: filming & photography call times & modified class scheduling
▪ Instructors are contacting students of classes/levels divided into new sections
(for smaller classes/filming groups)
Volunteer Jobs have been modified to fit new scheduling. Click here or see below to read more details.
▪ We aim to broadcast the Showcase video Sunday, June 28.

Picking Up Costumes: Still need to pick up/missing shoes or tights or other accessories? There are just a few of you (who have committed to performing in the digital showcase) who still need to pick up costumes this week if they had alterations or if you were out of town. If you have yet to do so already, please schedule a time by responding to this email. (Those who are not performing in showcase, we will contact you after the Showcase is over to coordinate pick up.)

*Priority is given to dancers who are still participating in Showcase performance. Those who are not participating can pick up costumes at a later date/time (TBA).

We're using SignUp.com to help us organize our upcoming event.
Please click the button above to sign up for a volunteer job of your choosing.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
1) Click this link to see our SignUp.

2) Review the Volunteer job options listed (some are at designated scheduled times, and some are projects with a due date, but not set at a specific time) and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) It's easy; you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.com.

SBDA  Recital "Showcase" Season

There will be a modified schedule June 19-27 to enable filming of all classes, some in smaller sections.


 * Classes will be called into the studio in small groups to film choreography in full hair/makeup/costume  

 * Click here to read the announcement of the exact schedule

 * Photo services by a professional photographer will be available in designated session times,
    scheduled in conjunction with the filming time. A link to an online gallery is provided with a password to SBDA Showcase   

    participants (via email), and from there you can order prints!

 * Walk the red-carpet and take some glamorous selfies on the way into your filming session!

 * Purchase commemorative merchandise, concessions, and other SBDA gear available for sale at the studio during this week

 * The filmed choreography will be edited for our digital showcase to be broadcast at the end of June!

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Volunteering in a designated capacity is only the way we can successfully put on this showcase during these times, and support our dancers!

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