Recital Season requires balance between rest and practice! Make sure to give your body adequate time to recover and recuperate between rehearsals and regular classes, as well as outside practice. Take some of these tips into consideration:

* Sleep: stick to a regular schedule that provides enough sleep to replenish a tired body and rejuvenate the muscles and the mind

* Baths: epsom salts will soothe tired muscles and help to detox

* Massages and chiropractic adjustments: reduce the amount of lactic acid, tensions, and maintain overall alignment.

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During rehearsals and shows especially when busy and your mind is preoccupied, it is very important to remember to stay hydrated.  Make sure your dancers have enough of water for each performance. Coconut water is another clear, non-messy liquid that is additionally full of electrolytes, to replenish energy.

Being hydrated will keep dancers less fatigued and lessen the possibility of cramping muscles.

Please avoid sugar, colored (eek! stains!) and caffeinated drinks for the dancers.

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Picture & Practice Weekend

May 29&30, 2020

Schedule & prep info

Preparing for the Show: tips


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Dry snacks that are safe for recital costumes and dressing rooms might include: crackers, dried fruits, nuts, cheese (think protein & energy!), not-so-messy veggies (carrot sticks, celery) could also be an option.

Avoid sticky, dusty, gooey snacks.

No peanuts/peanut butter, because of possible food allergies.

Break times between shows allow for a quick meal with family and friends.  Many dancers and their families & friends will bring lunch and have a small picnic outside the theater.  However, there are also restaurants around the theater.

Show Order

Details Quick Changes,

dance length & dancers

2020 Theme:

"We Believe in... THE FUTURE"

Filming: June 12-18;
Broadcast Date: Saturday, June 20th

SBDA  Recital "Showcase" Season

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Before any production, there is a lot of activity and many details.  It may seem like you are rehearsing all the time.

You think, "Did I get all the costumes, tights, shoes, and . . . oh, do I have enough bobby pins?" Especially if it is a new experience, it is difficult to understand how it all works. And then here comes the dress rehearsal... and it seems so chaotic, but remember: "the worse the rehearsal, the better show," and "it all comes together magically."

So, here are some helpful hints and advice to have a great time when performing...

Costume Payments

Reference this list for
costume payments, by class/dance

 2020 Recital Volunteers

Volunteering in some designated capacity is mandatory for all SBDA families! Compulsory volunteering is the only way we can put on a recital of this scale, and successfully support our dancers! Come by the Recital Info Center at the studio's office to read job descriptions and sign up prior to May 1st.

Families who do not participate in a volunteer capacity will be fined a $100 Recital Non-Participation Fee.

2020 Recital Costumes

Visit the Recital Info Center at the studio to take a look at the Costume Binder,

which details each class' costumes, tights, footwear, hairstyle, & accessories.

Click here to access the digital version.

Recital DVD Pre-Orders

Submit your order form and payment at the studio office.