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Strengthening & Conditioning Class Tools


~ Clean, studio-appropriate tennis shoes are required, to protect your body from the impact of the workout (black, or no-mark soles to protect our marley flooring!)
~ Roller

~ Yoga mat (if wanted, for comfort and traction)
~ Theraband (of your desired strength)
~ Sweat towel & water bottle, in addition to your regular dance bag/supplies
~ It is suggested to wear body-fitting yoga pants or leggings 

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Pointe: INFO

Beginner Pointe-Dancer's guide


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The Importance of Water

Hydration is extremely beneficial and necessary for dancers. Dancers are athletes and need to use proper "fuel" for optimum health and endurance.

Obtaining Your Splits

Flexibility enhances dance ability. With steady, daily exercises,

splits can be obtained.

How to Stretch

Exercise Routine

Nutrition Recommendations


International Association of

Dance Medicine and Science

Exercise Bands

Also known as Therabands, they can assist with strengthening all aspects of the foot. Helps with foot articulation. We sell stretch kits and therabands in our studio store!

Pointe Readiness

An informational packet discussing


The Perfect Pointe Book

Tips and Exercises for Improving

and Developing Skills in Ballet

Recommendations & resources