Practice Studio(small studio, viewing window, no outside windows)  $20/hour dance instruction // $25 event/party rate


 STUDIO RENTAL: HourLY RATES  &  Payment options


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Studio C (mid-sized studio, outside windows & access)           $30/hour dance instruction // $35 event/party rate

Special Rate for SBDA-affiliated Independent Contractors:

$15/hour, pending studio availability & owner approval


1 hour                                                                  $50 a month

Studio A (small studio, viewing window, no outside windows)    $25/hour dance instruction // $30 event/party rate

Studios and common area have audio/visual equipment available for use, pending agreement to liability waiver.

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Studio B (largest studio, bathrooms, outside windows & access)  $35/hour dance instruction // $45 event/party rate
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private lessons

Contact one of our instructors to privately contract individual lessons.

Agreement & Facility Request forms
are available for download here.

Please note that private lessons are not a replacement for regularly-offered classes or for program-minimum-class attendance requirements.*

Rates for private instruction are designated by each instructor, which factors in cost of a studio rental fee that the instructor pays SBDA in order to rent studio space/time, utilize equipment.

* Dancers enrolled in SBDA classes are expected to meet attendance minimums and required to pay full tuition, regardless of other obligations or scheduling that may interfere with SBDA class scheduling. Please recognize, that as any other academic institution may do, tuition is charged on a monthly basis. Makeup classes are an option that can be redeemed within one month of missed classes, but private lessons are not a replacement for required class minimums in any given curriculum.


Card payments can be made at the front office during normal business hours.

For online payment, please use the form below.

Checks can be made payable to SBDA.

Common Areas:                                     
Entire Facility                                               $150/hour        

Cash is always preferred and can be paid at the front office during normal business hours, or after hours, be left in our tuition box.

(includes: lobby, hallways, bathrooms, use of playroom & break room)

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