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The Arabian Dance


The Land of Snow

The Nutcracker turns into a Prince and takes Clara on a journey to the Land of Snow,  an enchanted forest wonderland where they are welcomed by dancing snowflakes.


The Land of Sweets

Then Clara is escorted to the Land of Sweets where she is greeted by dancing candies.  The Prince and Clara are received by an International Court, where they tell of their daring battle with the army of mice, and are rewarded with a celebration of fantastic international dances:

The Spanish Dance

The Fight Scene

As the clock strikes midnight strange things begin to happen.  Clara begins shrinking as her beautiful Christmas tree grows high above her.  The toys around the tree come to life while the room fills with an army of mice, lead by the fierce Mouse Queen.  As the Nutcracker awakens, he leads his army of toy soldiers into battle with the mice.  The Mouse Queen battles the Nutcracker one-on-one. The Nutcracker seems to be no match for the Mouse Queen.

The Nutcracker and his army can go on no longer and are captured by the mice and their Queen.  Clara makes a final daring charge throwing her slipper at the Mouse Queen, hitting him square on the head.  The Nutcracker rises and stabs the Mouse Queen.  She drops to the floor and the mice run away, carrying off their leader's lifeless body.

The Party Scene

It is Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaum house- - A large and grand house with the most beautiful tree imaginable.  The Stahlbaums are hosting their annual Christmas party, welcoming the arrival of their family and friends.  The children, Clara and Fritz, are dancing and playing as they welcome their friends too.

The party grows festive with music and dance as godfather Drosselmeyer arrives.  He is an amazing toy-maker and always full of magical surprises.  Drosselmeyer draws everyone's attention as he presents life-sized dolls.  They are the delight of the party, each taking a turn to dance.

The children begin to open gifts when Drosselmeyer presents to his Clara, a beautiful Nutcracker that becomes the hit of the party.  Although his gift to Fritz is quite nice, he gives Clara the beautiful Nutcracker.  Fritz becomes jealous and having a bit more spunk than a boy should have, grabs the nutcracker from Clara and promptly breaks it.  Clara is heartbroken looking on as Drosselmeyer quickly repairs the Nutcracker with a handkerchief he magically draws from the air.

As the evening grows late, the guest depart and the Stahlbaum family retires for the evening.  Clara, worried about her beloved Nutcracker, sneaks back to the tree to check on him, falling asleep with him in her arms.

 The Nutcracker Story

Our Tradition

This year will mark our 9th Nutcracker show.  It has been a great enrichment to our holiday season.  We have a cast from ages three to adult.  We have been told that the experience is unforgettable!  We have four shows (two each day), to be performed the weekend before Christmas, at Sherwood Hall  in Salinas. 

The Audition

The Nutcracker auditions are fairly simple.  Please bring an 8 x 10 head-shot (it doesn't have to be professional just a good shot). Fill out an audition form and list some parts that you would like, and PLEASE NOTE any scheduling conflicts for the Nutcracker season ahead! This will help us to better schedule rehearsals. There are parts that have a ballet-level requirement. The Clara audition must at least be a Ballet VI level.  We invite Ballet V leveled students to come and try it out, so that they will understand the audition process.  Any ballet leads will be auditioned in the Ballet VI/VII level. Gymnastic or other non-ballet country leads will be auditioned Friday. 
​(See schedule on audition flyer at right.)

Be a part of a holiday tradition!

December 22 & 23, 2017


The Nutcracker

101 McCray Street, Suite 104 Hollister CA 95023 USA        


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The Waltz of the Flowers


Dance of the Shepherdess


The Chinese Dance

​​​​​​​(UPDATED as of Wed. 12/22/16)


If for some reason a dancer

is to miss rehearsal

which was not previously excused, please contact the choreographer with as much notice as possible.




See show order document to know the flow of rehearsals/who is called in which show

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The Send-Off

Clara is presented one last dance by the International Court, and is sent off in the sleigh.

The Russian Dance