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BILLING & PAYMENT (this page updated as of 8/1/22)
PLEASE NOTE: At this time, payments ARE NOT processed through Jackrabbit, even though in your Portal, you see billing and account records of your transactions. Even if you input your Credit Card or Bank Account info in the past (the system is unable to store or change info since they have since modified settings), payments will not be processed through this method.

Please make your payments via in cash, check, or credit card when you come to drop off your student, or enroll in our AutoPay system (see form below), which will automatically charge the balance of your family's account every month*.

The AutoPay system can also be utilized on a 1-time basis to process singular, non-repetitive payments. Please just make note in the field at the bottom of the form.

* Due to increased charges to run cards for this service, we have to instate a 2.5% fee of any transactions placed via AutoPay.

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 Hours            Tuition     Make ONLINE PAYMENT:


​​Single Dancer Incentive-

* Non-pointe dancers: $275 (unlimited classes/hours)

** Pointe dancers: $320 (unlimited classes/hours)

Family Discount-
 Add up all the hours of your first dancer.

Dancer 1 “maxes out” at the single-dancer incentive

(at $275 or $320, according to pointe status).

Additional family members are charged a flat rate of $40/hour.

Those subsequent dancers max-out at $275/$320,
depending on pointe status.

*For families with a combined total of less than 3 billable hours, tuition will be calculated on the single-dancer hourly scale. 

6.5 Hours                  ​$245 monthly
7.0 Hours                  $260 monthly

Dancer Incentive

*Non-pointe dancer: $275 unlimited
*Pointe dancer: $320 unlimited

7.5 Hours*                 $275 monthly
8.5 Hours                   $305 monthly
9.0 Hours **               $320 monthly
8.0 Hours                   $290 monthly
3.0 Hours                    $140 monthly
3.5 Hours                    $155 monthly
4.0 Hours                   $170 monthly
4.5 Hours                   $185 monthly
5.0 Hours                  $200 monthly
5.5 Hours                  $215 monthly
6.0 Hours                  $230 monthly
1.5 Hours                     $85 monthly
2.0 Hours                   $110 monthly

2.5 Hours                    $125 monthly
1.0 Hour                       $70 monthly


$17 - 1hr / $22 - 1.5hr
$27 - class w/ 30 min pointe

$32 - class w/ 60 min pointe


If you are not sure about dance styles/levels, please come try a class for free! Contact for info.

$30 Registration
(Annual Membership Fee)

Once-a-year fee, charged per family,

covers registration & administrative costs


(OR pay online by filling out Auto-Pay at right)

Hours per week                           Price per month

1 hour                                                                  $50 a month