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2023 Nutcracker Cast Page

Congratulations on being cast in this year's Nutcracker! 

On this page you can access all things Nutcracker; cast lists; rehearsal schedules; cast fees; etc. 

Check back regularly for updates!

Cast Fee Structure

Cast fees are based on an estimated rehearsal time required for each part, costume tailoring and laundering.

We have associated a number to each part. Each number is a different price. They are listed below:

Tier 1 = $50                                                           

Tier 2 = $55                                                                        

Tier 3 = $60                                                                              


Cap of $250 (The maximum in Cast Fees a single dancer will incur for all roles combined)  

Example: Sleigh Escorts (Tier 1) and Party Scene Girl (Tier 2)

Tier 1 = $50

+ Tier 2 = $55

Total Cast Fees = $105

Calculate your fees here:

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE - (Updated 12/8/23)
Subject to change! Check here and your email often for updates! 

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Casting, Scheduling, Production

Artistic Director - Elizabeth Mendoza

Owner/Producer - Amy Redmond Waran

Cast Fee & Billing Questions:

Alisa Vass - Office Manager

Marketing/Program Ads:

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